Anemia is a severe public health problem in India with more than 40% of the population are anemic. The National Family Health Survey -4 (2015-2016) reports that 58% of children aged 6-59 months, 54% of adolescent girls (15-19 years), 29% of adolescent boys (15-19 years), 53% of women of reproductive age (15-49 years), 50% of pregnant women and 58% of lactating women are anemic. To combat the high burden of anemia in the country, Government of India has launched Anemia Mukt Bharat Strategy with an ambitious target of 3 percent annual reduction in the burden of anemia. Anemia Mukt Bharat has laid a 6x6x6 strategy for intensification of anemia control activities in the country with a multi-disciplinary approach while ensuring accountability. The 6x6x6 strategy includes 6 beneficiaries, 6 interventions and 6 institutional mechanisms.

To enable accelerated anemia control in India, under the aegis of Anemia Mukt Bharat – National Health Mission, National Centre of Excellence and Advanced Research in Anemia Control (NCEAR-A) has been established at Centre for Community Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.